About Us

Helping You Develop Markets and Reduce Expenses

Are you struggling to keep your production levels up and expenses at bay in this unsure economy? One of the biggest challenges you face is having fresh ideas to bring to your client base. Another is staffing and time constraints to get all the necessary research and paperwork done.

It’s easier when you have a trusted resource. To your advantage, BBA Life Brokerage focuses on bringing you these fresh ideas and the tools you need to feel confident with your clients when making presentations. Plus, you get the complete back room support you need to complete your sale. When you feel confident in front of your clients and prospects, you close more sales.

In addition, you have the time-consuming task of paperwork. When you work with BBA Life Brokerage, you have the advantage of complete back room support which saves you time so you can tell your story to more prospects.

A successful sales practice comes from fresh ideas that get your clients saying “Yes, that works for me.” Working with the best concepts and sales tools available, you communicate your value as an insurance professional. This means your reputation as an expert advisor leads to more sales and more referrals.

Unlike other BGAs, when you work with BBA Life Brokerage you work with the resource authority for your market development and back room support. You don’t waste valuable time struggling to find the right strategies, concepts, marketing tools, and presentations. With our 30 plus years of experience, you get the tools and resources that allow you to bring fresh new ideas to your clients and increase your sales. Our skilled staff provides you with the ideas, support, tools and service to make you a success.

If you are ready to learn more about BBA Life Brokerage can help you close more sales and support you throughout the process, please give us a call. Cindy Gentry, CLU, ChFC or any member of our experienced team are happy to discuss your needs. Just call 800.747.4445 or email cindyg@bbalife.com