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Policy Reviews – Easier than you think!

Are you hesitant when considering asking your clients about their current life insurance benefit plan? Or perhaps it’s not so much asking them about it, but the concern about having to gather too much information regarding their current plans to do a proper policy review.  You may also hesitate because it will take time you don’t have, and you may not understand what they currently have.

What if I told you that most clients would welcome a review of their life insurance because they made the decision to purchase life insurance many years ago, put the policy in that pile with all their important papers, haven’t looked at it since, and really don’t know what they have.

BBA Life Brokerage has the tools and resources in place to make policy reviews easy on you! No gathering of policies or statements, only a simple authorization is needed to get the information necessary to do a policy review.

You give your client a better understanding of what they have and how they can improve and preserve their life benefit plan while you expand your markets, add value to your business and save time. We can help!

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