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Take Two

Insurance for a Non-Working Spouse Can Help Double Your Sales

There is presently a large gap between the number of men and women who are insured by Prudential. The numbers are staggering – over 82% male vs. 17% female.

One way to help close that gap is to TAKE TWO – applications that is.

If only one spouse is insured, then your client’s family may only be half protected. Consider all that a non-working spouse does on a daily basis:

  • Managing the household
  • Caring for children and/or a parent
  • Maintaining the home
  • Handling repairs
  • And much more…

So, when you are visiting with a male client, be sure to bring along another application for his wife. If she is a stay-at-home spouse, she will most likely qualify for the same amount of coverage as her husband.

Take a look at this presentation and talking points to help you along.