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The Rules have Changed – Employer Owned Life Insurance

One of the biggest challenges you face is having fresh ideas to bring to your client base and talking product rather than concepts. With Employer Owned Life Insurance you have the opportunity to correct a potential tax liability to your employer clients, because the rules have changed and they may not be aware.

Here is your opportunity. Contact your business clients and ask “When was the last time you had your business policies reviewed? The ruled have changed and they may affect you!”

Brown & Brown Associates makes it easy on you with the following sales pack. Simply click on the links then contact your clients and start selling!

Is Your Business Prepared – Consumer Brochure
FAQs – Death Proceeds on EOLI Subject to Tax
Policy Review Opportunity
Sample Acknowledgement and Consent to EOLI
Oops and Ouch consumer postcard
IRS Form 8925

Here is another sales idea for you to bring to your clients.

Give Your Clients Security in Uncertain Times
Your clients struggle each time they open their quarterly investment returns, although things are looking up they are still losing value in their stocks and mutual funds. Even their home values can be disappointing. It’s safe to say that they are looking for some glimmer of hope amidst this bad news.

Luckily, you can provide them that hope by giving them a new view of life insurance and providing you with an excellent opportunity to help your clients.

We’ll follow up with you in a few days to see if you have any questions or need additional information or give us a call if we can put together a quote for you to present to your clients